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Isuzu Vietnam expresses gratitude to J&T Express for achieving the milestone of owning more than 100 vehicles

On December 15th, 2020, the management of Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd. (IVC) visited the management of Chuyen Phat Nhanh Thuan Phong one member Co., LTD (J&T Express) to express special thanks to J&T Express for purchasing over 100 Isuzu Trucks.

During the working session, J&T and Isuzu have discussed and evaluated the achieved results and gave new business directions to enhance the strategic cooperation in the coming time. J&T representatives also expressed their appreciation and thanks to Isuzu Vietnam for always accompanying and supporting J&T in business activities.

Certificate of Commemoration: “J&T Express achieve the milestone of owning more than 100 vehicles”

J&T Express is a courier brand based on the development of technology and the Internet. With the slogan “Express your online business”, J&T Express focuses on helping customers do their online business easier and more efficiently, providing utilities to help customers expand their business according to the trend of the e-commerce industry.

To support business operations as well as optimize freight operations, from 2018 until now, J&T has bought more than 100 Isuzu trucks with a variety of light to medium payloads.

On behalf of IVC, Mr. Tatsuyuki Hagiwara- General Director gave a memorial plate and gifts with sincere gratitude.

4 January, 2021

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